African Safari Jewels is a member of the South African Jewellery Council.

The Kudu horn logo on all our pieces are a trademark seal, along with the SA Gold Council symbol (which only eight companies in South Africa are allowed to use).

Wherever you go on Safari in Southern Africa, you are sure to see our work. We have been distributing our unique African Safari Jewelry for many years to Hunting and Safari Lodges all over Africa.

Any items from your Hunting Safari, from Lion Due Claw to Floating Bones, can be utilized to hand make your own unique African jewelry piece.

We also deal in Diamonds and especially  in the unique blue stone Tanzanite from Tanzania. All our stones are certified by E.G.L.

The company works in all carat gold’s, palladium, platinum & sterling silver. So we are happy to offer most of our pieces in gold too.

Invest in a unique piece of Africa, and let the memories of your Safari linger for many years to come.